Thursday, May 28, 2015

Zone Hike/Activity

The Camarillo and Newbury Park Zones met for a hike and training.

Their focus for the activities was that they need to be lead by the spirit as they find and teach.  They spent some time with partners on a trail and one being blindfolded.  They also tied their legs together and had one partner blindfolded to learn that listening and working together in unity is a must.   It looks like Elder Ruby got a new "California" shirt.  I'm positive he didn't have that shirt when he left Wyoming:)

They were each giving a bandana for their blindfold.  Sister Felix said that it was quite funny that they had lots of BYU fans and they thought they were being handed a University of Utah bandana.  It actually says Salvation University and Wise Men Still Seek Him.

After their hike, they drove to the Stake Center where their cars were inspected, they had lunch and finished their activities. 

Elder Ruby is standing with Sister Felix and humming for an activity.

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