Monday, May 18, 2015

Life is Good!

Life in Camarillo is great, as usual.  I have two really good companions.  They are both pretty funny and they like to make me the center of their humor.  I like it because the humor helps me laugh at the silly mistakes I make or things I say.  Elder DuPlessis wants to come work on the farm, seriously.  Granny and Papa will/would love him!

I am doing well.  Life is so good.  I am in sunny California, being fed by members, with only the magnification and fulfillment of my calling and commission to worry about.  I'm not saying it's easy, because it's not.  The mission is probably the hardest thing I've ever chose to do.  There is so much to think about and work on and decide and discern.  It's easy to read our purpose: "Inviting others to come unto Christ and helping them receive the restored gospel", but it is much more challenging to put that into action and to be who God needs/wants me to be.  I'm working on it, and I'm still trying to get over my fears of talking to people. 

Sorry the picture is so small.  It turned out really fuzzy when I made it bigger:(  Hyrum is the elder on the top right, behind the elder with the green tie.  This is his Camarillo District of missionaries.

The work was really slow in the beginning of the week.  We adjusted our attitudes, humbled ourselves, and planned more purposefully.  The talks in our district meeting about consecration and forgetting ourselves were just what we needed.  Stephanie is so excited to get baptized! From the moment she tried on her jumpsuit, she has just been a ball of anticipation. Her family is supporting her too.  We know they will feel the Spirit at her baptism.

 We need faith in Jesus Christ, and faith requires humility (Moroni 7:43-44).  I have been learning about Christ and then doing my best to exercise faith in Him.  Studying the Atonement has helped me feel of Christ's and Heavenly Father's love for me.  That is the most pleasing feeling to the soul. I want others to feel that love, so I pray for charity.  I need the charity so that I care enough about the people around me to share this love with them.  It's been working.

God continues to work miracles.  I have seen how God has been preparing and softening Stephanie's parents' hearts after all the prayers that have been offered in their behalf.

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