Thursday, May 28, 2015

Stephanie's baptism

I apologize for the late blog post.  I have been sick a few days this week, so I didn't get to post Elder Ruby's letter until today.  He gets transfer calls on Saturday.  He is pretty sure he will not be in a tri-pan any more, but he doesn't know if he will get transferred or not.  I will know more on Monday.  Here is his email:

Stephanie's baptism was really special for everyone. The ward and her family was so supportive. Her mother, Tonya, continues to "progress."  She is more open and curious every day.  We are working with a really awesome part-member family, the Bakers.  Laura (member) has already told us that she knows that this church is true.  Her husband, Todd, is so humble and kind.  They have two boys, ages 8 and 9, who live with them half the time.  Laura and Todd told us that the boys kept asking when we were coming back! 

Having three opinions has been something to get used to, and is difficult sometimes, but I have really enjoyed being Elder Agle's and Elder Du Plessis's companion this transfer.  This assignment was definitely inspired because each of us played very critical roles in helping Stephanie.  She needed these two. 

My testimony in being lead by the spirit as we find and teach has grown.  This week we had two neat experiences.  One day we stopped by a part-member's home, but they didn't answer.  We felt impressed to visit an active family down the street.  We invited them to the baptism. They had just gone to a Strawberry stand and picked up the best strawberries in the world! They gave us some to take home.  Before we went home for lunch, we drove to a member, Sister Burns, who has a less-active teenager.  Long story short, we felt impressed to give her those delicious strawberries for the picnic they were having.  We felt good to be the means of answering a prayer and sacrificing something good (strawberries) for something better (charity).

The second experience deals with Stephanie's mother.  I fasted for Stephanie's parents on Sunday, that they would feel the power of the Holy Ghost and would know that what Stephanie was doing was good.  That morning I was impressed to study the Holy Ghost.  I made a list of scriptures from the Bible and Book of Mormon about the baptism of the Holy Ghost.  I had the idea to write, on a note card, scriptures that may help answer Tonya's questions about the Holy Ghost.  I did, and after sacrament meeting, which both parents came to, I handed Tonya the card.  I told her that there were some scriptures from the Book of Mormon on there and that she might have Stephanie read them to her.  We got a text from Stephanie this morning which said she had read the scriptures with her mother and her mother was "very moved" by them, especially Acts 8:12-17.

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