Monday, May 4, 2015

Red Light :( and Tangarines

This week has been great.  I love my two new companions.  One of them, Elder Agle, has been out 20 months.  He's served in Paso Robles also, so we have fun talking about the people there.  He was actually trained there too.  Elder Du Plessis has been out for 4 1/2 months (came out with Elder Campbell).  They both like to work hard and are engaged.  President Felix assigned me as the senior companion.  He told me at transfer meeting that he needed me to stay in Camarillo and he needed me to be the senior companion.  We'll see how it all works out.  This place has so much potential, and I feel like we are the companionship to tap into it.

This whole week has been awesome.  We have followed the spirit and have been lead to some really neat people.  One man we met spoke seven languages.  He was Hindu and believed in Karma.  Maybe someday he'll receive the gospel, but not that day.

Stephanie's baptism date is May 23! (same day as Lily's and Addison's baptism in Buffalo)  We had an amazing lesson at her house.  Her mom has lot of hidden concerns that I think she feels like we'd think she would be silly for asking them.  Thankfully, we have the spirit and as we spoke with her, the spirit revealed her concerns to us and gave us the words and scriptures to address them.  That lesson was so cool/special!  We taught from the Book  of Mormon, and she felt that the few verses we read aligned with what she believes is true!

Guess what . . . I ran a red light!  I didn't get caught, but I was pretty shaken up about it.  It was totally unintentional.  We were safe.  God is watching out for me.

Yesterday (April 26) was our Stake Conference.  Elder Call of the Seveny spoke to the stake.  He was also there on Saturday when we did a large Helping Hands/Just Serve service project.  The three of us helped glean in some tangarine orchards.  Did you know that tangarine trees have large spikes on them?  Yeah, they hurt :)  It was fun though.

We are having a pretty bad drought here, but I am not directly affected by it.  People are getting paid to change their lawns to drought resistant vegetation.

Elder Ruby and his companions recently ate dinner at the home of Elder Gary K. Wilde (an Area Seventy)  He emailed us a picture and wonderful letter.  Here is what he wrote, "My wife and I just had the pleasure of having your son, Elder Hyrum Ruby, in our home for dinner.  What an outstanding young man you have raised.  I was so impressed with his maturity and spiritual depth.  He seems happy, healthy and hard working.   What a great young man!"

I am doing well.  I love my companions.  We laugh, we work, we listen to the spirit, we love the peopel we serve.  I know God knows and loves me and you.  No doubt about it!  I LOVE being a missoinary!  I have sacrificed two precious years because I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ blesses families and makes me happy!

P.S. A member has a license plate that says RULDS2?  Pretty cool.

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