Tuesday, April 28, 2015

David Archuleta!

Transfers were last week.

I am . . . . staying!  I will be getting two new companions: Elder Agle and Elder Du Plessis.  I will be Senior companion.  That means I will be driving. AHHHHHH!  I'm sure that is a little unnerving after just getting into a little car accident.

Guess What?! David Archuleta came last night for a "special training meeting!" He told us mission stories, sang songs for us including "Glorious" from Meet the Mormons.  We got pictures with him.  Sister Felix should have them on the mission blog.  Pretty cool!

Sister Felix wrote:  We were blessed with the opportunity of having David Archuleta share his love of missionary work with the missionaries.  He related missionary experiences, scriptures, and sang five songs.  He invited Brooke White (she also competed at the same time David did on American Idol) to join in bearing testimony, and sing a song with him.  He took time to do photo shoots with each zone.

This area is starting to bloom!  From the very first day with Elder Agle and Elder Du Plessis we have seen hearts softened and miracles happen.  We had scheduled a power hour Tuesday afternoon after our transfer shopping and we found a new investigator from that!  The members are wanting to do missionary work, and we are teaching them.  We have definitely been lead by the spirit as we have found and taught.  Since my knowledge of the ward is somewhat limited, we have been forced to seek for and listen to the promptings of the spirit and be willing to change plans at any moment.  From doing this, we've been lead to 15 people who we have taught at least a short lesson to.  Miracles are happening. 
Wow. Elder Agle and Elder Du Plessis are awesome!  They both are very knowledgeable, they want to do the Lord's work, and they are easy to get along with.  I didn't anticipate the challenge it would be to have three minds while teaching lessons.  Our first lesson together was really good, except that we were going in three different directions to get to the same point.  We see this challenge amusing and we find joy in working to unify our teaching.  This is a dynamic trio. :) I love this companionship.

  Honestly, I've felt lead by the spirit as we found and taught this week.  So many times we have felt like knocking on a door, or taking a detour, or reading a scripture and then, mercifully, God shows us that he was using us to hasten His work.  I wish I had the time to tell you about all of these moments.  Maybe the neatest, and most powerful of these experiences was Friday evening in a lesson with our main investigator, Stephanie.  Her mom had some questions, but she wouldn't reveal what they were.  Of course, God knows and can reveal those thoughts to His servants.  In the middle of the lesson, Stephanie's mom walked into the lesson and spoke to us.  To make the story short, her mom had concerns.   We discovered these concerns by the power of the Holy Ghost and shared scriptures from the Bible and Book of Mormon that answered her questions about these things.  We all felt the spirit including Stephanie's mom.  We tried to help her recognize it.

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