Monday, April 20, 2015

Car Accident

Right now we are at CitiCuts.  Elder Leavitt needed his hair cut.  It gives me time to write.  Rarely do I have time to write anyone else on P-day.  The radio is on and there are songs on that I haven't heard before.  I guess that's what 6+ months out of the "loop" does to a missionary :)  It's okay.  I'm not missing much :)

Our car
I know I left you hanging about the car accident.  It all started with a flat tire Saturday morning.  We had a screw in the tire.  So we got out the jack and put the doughnut on.  We had to drive to Oxnard to get the tire fixed.  We were trying to find the Chevy Dealership because we supposedly get a free oil change up to 24,000 miles and we were due for one anyway.  We took a turn down a street full of dealerships and did not see the Chevy dealership.  (We should have followed the GPS.)  As Elder Leavitt merged lanes to pull into a parking lot to turn around in, a car came out of his blind spot and we side-swiped it. :(

Nice Lady's car we hit
We hit a white Lexus.  The driver of the Lexus was a mechanic who had just finished fixing this lady's car and was taking it on a test drive.  After speaking with him on the street, we met him back at the Lexus dealership and waited for the police to come take a look.  While waiting in their room, a lady who was waiting, herself, told us to help ourselves to the drinks and snacks.  We told her thank you, but we were not in the mood for food.  A worker came in and told the lady her car had been fixed, but then informed her that during the test drive, the car was hit.  She asked "Who hit the car?", and the worker graciously/politely explained that it was these nice two gentlemen (us) who she had moments ago made friends with . . . awkward!

Officer Clark came and said that it was a minor collision and made no citations.  The Lexus dealership found a replacement tire for us and put it on for free.  While we waited for our new tire to be put on, we waited again in that previously awkward room.

Elder Leavitt was pretty upset.  I prayed that he would be comforted.  I read from "Our Search For Happiness".  At one moment I stopped and talked to him.  I tried to give him words of encouragement. Little did I know that God was answering my prayer with the words that He gave me at that moment.  Elder Leavitt told me later, after everything had settled down, that he couldn't have done this without me.

We are all good, and it sounds like the insurance companies will take care of the expenses.

My favorite talks at General Conference were Elder Oaks The Parable of the Sower, Elder Uchtdorf's two talks On Being Geniune and The Gift of Grace and Elder Kevin Pearson's Stay By the Tree.

Stay physically and spiritually strong.  Always remember to read, pray and remember that God knows and loves you.  He allows good and bad to happen for a reason.  And God always answers prayers - either with a "yes", "no" or "you decide".

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