Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Happy Easter!

We are feeling much more support from the members and from God.  Like I mentioned last week, we can see the hand of God in this area.  In addition to preparing the hearts of the leaders of the ward, God is preparing part-members for us to teach.  He is helping us find new potential investigators (we haven't been good about making them new investigators) and He is providing the members with opportunities to share the gospel with their friends.  I, like Ammon am pleased with the blessing to be an instrument in the hands of God (Alma 26:3).

I can't remember what talk it was during conference, but I remember someone talking about a situation and the words of Christ coming to him saying, "compared to Christ, both companions are pretty much the same." Here is the quote Hyrum is talking about.  It is from Elder Dale G. Renlund As God encourages us to keep on trying, He expects us to also allow others the space to do the same, at their own pace. The Atonement will come into our lives in even greater measure. We will then recognize that regardless of perceived differences, all of us are in need of the same infinite Atonement.

Also, my mother sent me a story about serving your companion, called Celestial Shoes.  It mentioned that it is easy to serve those you love and easy to love those you serve.  So I have taken both these principles to heart, and am doing my best to serve Elder Leavitt and to focus on asking the question "Lord, is it I?"  This comment is from a talk in October from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf titled Lord, Is It I?  Really, my problem is within myself.

I strengthened my testimony that God is mindful of me and is pleased with the work that we do.  This happened in two instances.  First, one evening our appointments had fallen through and we were left with unplanned time.  We chose to walk.  We thought very little of the path that we took because we didn't know where to go.  People we tried talking to were not interested, so we kept walking.  We arrived at a previous investigator's home.  He had been taken to the Salvation Army for help by our Ward Mission Leader.  No answer at the door.  The mother walked around from the back and asked us if we could help her.  We told her we were here to see Russell.  She told us in tears that she hadn't heard from Russell and had no idea where he was.  We told her that last we knew he was at the Salvation Army.  At that moment she bust into tears, tears of a mother's heart in anguish of despair for her son.  She calmed down and told us that she had been praying for a sign, or something to tell her that her son was okay.  We were the answer to her prayers!  That is one of the greatest rewards of this work: to be sent by the hand of God to answer someone's sincere prayer.

Second, yesterday morning I was taking the steps to gain spiritual knowledge (search, ponder and pray D&C 9:8) about the principles of justice, mercy, and grace.  In my closing prayer of personal study, I explained what I knew/had learned, and asked if it was correct.  I felt little feeling of confirmation, but I had no stupor of thought as described in D&C 9:9.  In the final talk by President Uchtdorf The Gift of Grace, he explained these principles.  The moment he began speaking of grace, the spirit confirmed that this was my answer!  Pretty neat.

Love you all!  Happy Easter!  Jesus Christ Lives!  Check out the video Because He Lives if you haven't already.

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