Wednesday, April 15, 2015

7 months out!

This week, like every week, was crazy!

Once again, the ward is incredibly supportive.  This ward has untapped potential.  We have so many resources and willing members that missionary work would/should blossom.  We know God has a plan, so we are waiting to see what happens.  We struggle with setting return appointments, but we are getting better.  I can feel God working, and something big is going to happen.  We have recently found many part-member families whose hearts have been softened toward us.  We will be working with them more.  Also, we will be calling the older priests (boys ages 16-18) to come with us this week even if we don't have any set appointments.

Something just clicked with week with Elder Leavitt and I.  It must have been the General Conference messages and the spirit softening my heart.  We have been through a lot, and we have finally reached a point where we understand each other more.  I have learned patience.

I have learned over the last few weeks that God puts a ton of effort into answering prayers.  When we see miracles, I love to take a step back and think about all the events that lead up to that one moment.  As I do that, I see a web of small and simple circumstances on all sides that happened/needed to happen for the one miracle to occur.  I am amazed and my mind eventually becomes a bit overloaded because of how far ahead God was working.  This knowledge gives me comfort.  God does, and will, answer prayers.  He does so by small and simple things.  He is entirely aware of our circumstances as well as everyone else's, and because of his omniscience, He can influence any number of situations in order to bless us with whatever we need/righteously ask for.  I know He knows and loves me.  He knows and loves everyone.  He wants to help us, and He is working infinitely harder than we are for the salvation of His children.

We did 2 1/2 hours of service this week.

Elder Ruby and Elder Leavitt were in a car accident this week.  I was worried when he first told me that.  But after seeing a few pictures, it was more like a "fender bender".  No one was hurt.  He gave me the short story in the email, but said he would write more about it in a letter.  So I will wait until I get the letter and the whole story before I post the pictures and what happened.

Hyrum reminded me that he hit his 7 month out on his mission.  I don't think he is really keeping track, but all missionaries need to know how long they have been out because that is a common question for the church members to ask. "How long have you been on your mission?"

It's hard to believe that transfer calls come this weekend!  Elder Ruby has been in Camarillo for 6 weeks.  It's hard to know if he will get transferred or not.  I will know more on Monday.

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