Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Transfer Preparation and Sushi

Elder Ruby hasn't been communicating much to us lately.  I do know he spent 30 hours last week to prepare for transfers.  Here was his report before the transfers happened, so I will hopefully get a full report soon.  As you can see from the pictures, it is a very big process, especially when this mission has never done transfers like this before.  Enjoy!

Yeah, the transfer process took all week long. We finished on Friday afternoon and then called all the Zone Leaders with their zones' assignments on Saturday morning.  It turned out alright. When we talked with them this morning the zone leaders all had good reports. If everyone follows directions, it should all run smoothly tomorrow. Today we are driving up to Santa Barbara around 2:30 to pick up the new missionaries. They are so funny. They are so excited and nervous. They ask questions like "When do I get my trainer?" "Are you guys the APs?" " How long have you been out?" "What's your favorite area?" "Do you get fed a lot?" "Do you eat a lot of seafood?" "Is the traffic always this bad?"

Tomorrow morning at 6am I will be heading up to Santa Maria with a Senior Missionary: Elder Floyd. We will start at the stake center and we will pick up missionaries who are going south and
head down the mission, We will pick up and drop off as we go. I will be driving a 10 passenger van and Elder Floyd will be driving a truck and trailer for all the luggage. Elder Young will do the same with another senior missionary but he will start at the bottom of the mission and drive up.

I am excited for Elder Boyce, my new companion. He's from Rigby, Idaho and he wants to be a mountain guide in the Teton Mountains.  We also have a training meeting on Tuesday and a District leader training on Thursday. This week is going to be busy. This month will also be busy. MLC is next Tuesday. This transfer we will have two zone conferences and two MLC's. Next transfer there will be a mission tour. Elder Hamula of the Seventy will be coming!
The Finished Train
He also gave himself a haircut.  He looks pretty good!
Elder Ruby had the "opportunity" to eat sushi.  Here's a little about his experience:)
These are pictures that a member took of my first time eating sushi. Yep, and the orange stuff on the top of the second one is calamari. . . It was all pretty good except for the thought that I was eating raw fish.