Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day!

I had such a wonderful Mother's Day!  Blaine cooked me a tenderloin steak omlette, the talks and lessons in church were sweet, our extended family gathered for a meal and great conversation and our missionary called home!  Elder Ruby doesn't get out of church until 5pm our time.  Then he let his other two companions call their mothers first.  That is so like him, to put others first.  He called us at about 8:20pm and we talked until a little after 9pm.  We put the phone on speaker and the five of us sat around the table and talked and laughed with him.  He asked us to share any miracles we have seen, no matter how small.   We shared a few stories and spoke of times where we were in the right place at the right time.  Those experiences are seldom just a coincidence.  They are miracles.

After a visit with the family, he was counseled to spend some time talking just to his mom.  That was so precious for me.  He shared all kinds of things he has learned from me over the years and many of my personality traits.  I had no idea he knew me so well!  Speaking to him was a special treasure. 

Then he asked if he could have family prayer with us.  We all knelt on the floor and he said family prayer on the speaker phone.  His prayer was so humble and genuine.  I know he prays many times a day, but that was the first prayer I have heard from him for eight months.  It was a most wonderful Mother's Day!  

I am so grateful we get to speak to him twice a year.  I am also so grateful for technology that allows us to communicate with him every week.  The early missionaries that traveled to England in the 1800's didn't have the means of speaking to their families like we do.  As a mother of a missionary, I think of technology as a precious gift to families of missionaries.  I love Hyrum and I love what he is doing - teaching people about Jesus Christ, the Plan of Salvation, Christ's Atonement for us and how families can be forever.  If you are interested in knowing about these topics and what we believe, let me know. 

Happy Mother's Day!

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