Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Zone Leader

I got a call from President Felix at 9:30 on Friday night telling me that I was being assigned to be a zone leader in San Louis Obispo! He told me that this assignment was definitely inspired.  Usually an Elder serves as a district leader before becoming a zone leader, but I trust this was God's will.  I am a bit nervous. Actually just unsure, but not worried or scared.  My new companion will be Elder Christopher Willis.  What is neat is 1) we are the only zone leaders who get a truck, 2) I will be in the same stake/zone as I was in Paso Robles, 3) I may get to go back to my old area when we do exchanges with the district leader there, and 4) I will be serving in the YSA (Young Single Adult) ward.  The only down-side is that I won't get fed very often because college kids don't have much money.  Here in Camarillo, the dinner calendar is already full for June!  I feel unqualified/inexperienced, but I trust that God wants me there and He will give me strength.  Surely, he has been preparing me.  I look forward to learning and growing  from Elder Willis in this new assignment.   Anyway, I am really excited.

There is so much about to happen here in Camarillo. I know I said this at the beginning of the transfer, but there is even more.  We have shared miracles that we have seen as we have followed the Spirit and now several members have shared amazing stories about being led by the Spirit to invite a friend to church or learn about what we believe!  Stephanie's baptism has started the ball rolling and we expect a lot of member missionary work to come. 

Stephanie and her family.

 Stephanie at her baptism.  An Elder who had taught her previously baptized her.

 Elder Ruby in Stephanie's "pool".

A church family who has connections to the Gillette area.

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