Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I had a dream last week that Hyrum came home for a while from his mission (then our family got kidnapped.  Blaine asked if it's still called "kidnapped" if we are adults?? But that was just a part of my silly dream.)  When I hugged Hyrum in my dream, he was very thin. He hadn't been fed very many meals by the members of his ward.  I woke up worrying about him and wondering why I dreamt that.  So I asked Elder Ruby if he had been getting very many meals.  

Elder Ruby:  Your dreams are interesting, mom. I am not getting fed very much.  We have plenty of food at the apartment and plenty of money to buy food with, but I would love snacks or any type of food or candy (not gum. I can't have it because it is rude to chew it while talking).  We get fed about three times a week. 

I would encourage any one to please feed the missionaries.  You don't have to be a member of our church to offer a meal, lunch, dinner, snack, drink to a missionary.  Remember they are young men and women far from home and their mothers are praying for their safety and for them to not go hungry:)  Feeding my children is a big way I show my love to my family.  And when I can't feed Elder Ruby, I hope someone else will show him love and kindness.  FYI: If you have the missionaries in your home, they will likely share a wonderful, spiritual message before they leave.  It's worth it!

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