Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Great Week!

On Saturday we decided to lock our bikes at the library on 12th Street and walk to an investigator's place to either teach a lesson or set up an appointment for a lesson another day.  We got out our pamphlets and Book of Mormon copies and started to walk and talk to people.  We met some Born Again Christians and talked to them about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Our investigator said she was about to get in the shower.  (Some of the excuses people have: they never run out of them and I haven't heard the same one yet.  These people are creative!)

We kept walking to another potential investigator.  On our way, this guy in the lane across the street pulled us over and asked for some help connecting/replacing a computer.  Michael was his name and he has Mormon relations.  He knew we would help him because "Mormons always get the job done".  We helped him out and then he fed us.  We had a good conversation with him and he invited us back for any time!

After Michael, we kept walking :) (it was working for us).  We met Jose, who was sanding a 1971 GMC pick-up that looked just like Pepe'.  Pepe' is one of our ranch trucks that we think looks cool, but he's definitely a "gas-guzzler", so he doesn't get out much.  Another lady pulled us over and talked about her Mormon family.  Finally, we got back to our bikes and headed to another investigator's house.  On the way we were stopped by a guy named Greg R.  We talked for probably 15 minutes and gave him a Plan of Salvation pamphlet.  He was fine with us coming back another time.  All day people were honking and waving at us.   Amazing "finding" day!  I had prayed that morning that we would be answers to other people's prayers and that others would be led to us.  My prayer was answered for sure.

Here are excerpts from Hyrum's messages to Haven, Rowen and Lily:

How are you, Haven?  How's my Blue Magoo?  Blue Magoo is their (well Haven's) car.  Are you hanging out with anyone new?  Any boys. . . ? :)  I have to approve of any dates you go on, so plan them a couple of weeks in advance and send me his info and driving record :)  haha  I just got done with a game called sit-down.  It's like dodgeball only every man for himself and you get back in by hitting someone from where you got out or if the person who got you out gets out.  It's pretty fun.  You'd like it.  I love you, Haven.  Be an example to the school.  They need one:)

Great work Rowen!  I love to hear that you stand firm and you do your best to help your friends choose the right (Read Romans 1:16)  Rowen stood up to some friends that said that he wasn't a Christian.  We are definitely Christian and believe that Christ is our Savior.  My companion is a Dallas Cowboys fan.  He was a really good running back in high school.  He got scholarships to play at a D1 school for college.  Elder Peterson is sooooo much like you!  He listens to the same song over and over, tells stories (I mean acts them out with sound effects like Rowen), does things because he wants to, stands up for what is right, and loves to hit!  You keep it up. :)  Love you

Lily, are you taking care of the family for me?  I miss holding your hand and playing games with you.  How is Mrs. Cox?  How are the cousins?  You sound like you have been a good helper for mom.  What are you going to be for Halloween?  I love you and I love getting your pictures and letters.  Love, Big Bro

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