Thursday, October 30, 2014

Baptism Dates!

Excerpts from Elder Ruby's letter to President Felix, his Mission President: 

We have two people on for baptism dates!  Much of our success lately has been with part member families, so we have made them a priority. The district exchange we had this past week was really good for me.  I got to see what it was like to do missionary work with someone different.  Not bad, just different.  I am really growing and loving the people.

One art project I started this week (I haven't finished the Plan of Salvation thing yet) is a Restoration Puzzle.  It will have all the pieces that Christ had in his Church and scriptures to go along with it. We will teach the apostasy and restoration with it. We will share scriptures from the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants that show all these things have been restored.  I think it will be really effective at dinner lessons to help the members gain confidence in us and an excitement for missionary work and the restored gospel.

I got in 5 hours of service this week.  We do our best to ask people (members, people on the street, at the doorstep) if they need service or know of any one who needs it.  There has not been much success in getting ideas for service, but we are working on it.

I did workouts 6 days this week.

From an email to us:

I am doing fine. Food has been a lot better this week. All I need to buy at the store today is a box of cereal!

Elder Peterson and I were invited to a 1 year old's birthday.  He is the son of Matt and Isalei F. and the little brother of Tiana. (who we just set with a date for Nov 21st!).

Matt is a non-member and Isalei is not active.  She is Tongan and the first birthday in their culture is a big deal. 

They roasted a huge pig and cooked three tri-tips ( I've had a lot of that lately) some chicken, and ribs.  They sent us home with probably 10 lbs of food.!

 Matt F. and Elder Peterson can't wait to dive in.  Just look at that pork!!


  1. Hyrum, you are doing great things. Keep your head up. Would it help to get ideas from us on where you could serve others? ...pulling weeds, work on a computer problem, organize a messy room, hang some curtains, move some furniture around, do the dishes, make a meal for them, go on a small errand...I could go on if you wanted.
    The puzzle sounds wonderful. I bet others will be asking for duplicates to use for their investigators as well. Be prepared!
    Adri, I love that you have posted three things this week. It is so hard to wait for every Monday to roll around to hear about Hyrum's mission. It is so sweet of you to share some of his letters to the other kids too. I love reading the personal things as well.
    If there is anything we can pray for you, Hyrum, please let us know. Otherwise you just get my prayers the way they are. :)
    Love you so much,
    Aunt Lynsey

  2. It is super hard for me to wait until Monday as well! I look so forward to each of his letters. Feel free to send him pictures of your family. He would love to see you and his niece and nephews. Maybe you need missionaries to come do some service at your house??? :) Love you!