Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Trust in God

One evening when we didn't have the car (they share the car with another set of elders), we asked the elders to drop us off at the very northern part of our area.  We had no meal appointment and no ride home, but I knew the Lord would provide for us.  I had no doubt in my mind that we would get fed and get a ride home.

We decided to stop by the Burke family.  They were referred to us by a counselor in the bishopric.  The Burkes are a young family who aren't very active in the church. They invited us in and we got to know them well.  They have a boy who is almost 8 and a few other younger boys.  I love their home because it feels like our house and the kids are going crazy.  Anyway, we shared a message with them, and Brother Burke was headed to the batting cage, which was on the way to our place.  He offered to drive us there.  We thought about visiting some other members in his area, but this was how we were getting home!  As he drove us, we talked to him about doing missionary work.  By the end of our conversation, he had shared a special experience with us and was really happy that we could come by.  He said that usually he just has the missionaries give the message at the door.  This time he let us in and we knew that he and his wife felt the spirit in their home while we are there.  Pretty neat!

We walked the rest of the way from the batting cages, (which wasn't very far).  We met a lady named Erin on the walk home.  Our brisk pace scared her at first, but we then had a good conversation with her.  We told her the story of Joseph Smith and I knew she thought we were crazy, but she took a Book of Mormon and wants to read it.  Up until we got to the apartment, I didn't doubt that we were going to be fed.  At the moment when we were about to start to make dinner, the other elders called from their way home from dinner and said they had something for us.  Yep.  Their dinner appointment had sent them home with a box of Honey Nut Cheerios which they gave to us!  We were fed and given a ride.  We just put all our trust in God, and He gives us what we need.

God is pretty funny too.  The other day, I really wanted some granola bars.  Not for any necessary reason, but I thought they would be nice to have.  I debated buying them, but eventually bought a pack.  The next day, Elder Campbell got a package with 50 granola bars!  Then a few days later, Sister Achu sent the other elders with some granola bars which they gave to us with the Cheerios.  Also, we made spaghetti with meat and sauce.  I commented that I wanted garlic bread, but we didn't have any.  That very afternoon, or day after, we stopped at a house which happened to be throwing a barbecue party and the man who opened the door asked if we would like a plate.  Lo and behold, the plates had two slices of garlic bread on them!

I know these things are kind of silly, but they sure showed me that God knows me and He wants to bless me.  Also, this week has been amazing.  It was not shining "number-wise", but I have not been more confident and bold in my life.  I found that the confidence I need to have is in Heavenly Father and the boldness comes because I love the people.  The Atonement is real and enabling if we will just be willing to do God's will.

I am doing well.  I have felt our prayers this week more strongly.  Thank you.  Keep up the good work.  Even though you are tired and busy (everyone), continue to be a witness of Christ at all times Mosiah 18: 9, and He will give you strength that is not known among men. D&C 24:12

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