Monday, January 12, 2015

The Ward

I am doing well.  I hope you are not all popsicles; at least you should thaw out by the time I get back:)

Ed and Sarah are going very well.  Everything we teach is familiar to Ed.  He has had a rough past, but he is really improving.  I am glad I can witness this mighty change of heart.  All we worry about is both of them getting off their addictions.  We told them to give us a call when ever they need.  Our phone has to stay on all night on loud anyway, so we are at their disposal as long as they are coming closer to Christ.

We finally had a lesson with Phoebe and Phoenix.  They are two girls who had been taking the lessons.  Their family is mostly members of the church, but inactive.  We would make appoints, but they would fall through.  This went on for 3 weeks until just yesterday.  We finally had a visit with them at their house.  They love what we teach them.

The ward here is pretty funny.  There is an old lady who gets up and bears her testimony and no one can quiet her.  She is so random.  There are some mentally "no-all-the-way-there" people.  We have the really dedicated members like our Ward Mission Leader (who is awesome!) and Bishop and really all of the auxiliary leaders; then the old guy who can't hear, but is as happy as can be; the really young families who care for their babies and the chorister who leads the music like we are in Primary (children's organization). LOL

Mom, thanks.  I find myself doing laundry like you, cooking like you, stressing like you sometimes did, organizing things like you did.  Thanks for the good habits, and just letting you know that there is a little bit of our home in my apartment:)

I'm really wondering how I do laundry, cook, stress and organize??  I hope he has only taken my best habits with him:)  I hope he is more creative, clean and organized than me.  

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