Thursday, January 15, 2015

Not Everyone Will Like Me??

We are sooooo close to having baptisms.  We had four kids that we are teaching say they want to be baptized.  Ed is going to be baptized as soon as he quits chewing tobacco (which he is doing very well) and after he and Sarah get married.  We are also teaching another man named Norberto.  He is solid.  He listens and understands.  He was so excited to read the Book of Mormon after we talked to him about the Restoration of the gospel.  Soooo close on all these people!  We just need dates and firm commitments.  This week we didn't find any new investigators.  We will be visiting church members.  Hopefully, they will see the importance of making the gospel known to their friends.  Also, Elder Campbell and I are brainstorming a Preach My Gospel class or Fireside for our ward that we could do with the other elders (Harper and Gruwell), who, by the way, are such a big help and source of encouragement and hope for us.  This goal is kind of "out there", but we believe that it would help change the culture of missionary work in the ward for the better.

A Fireside is a meeting/activity, usually on a Sunday evening that is often more of a speaker and discussion with all who attend.  We try to have Youth Firesides a few times a year separate from their weekly activities.  They can be at the church or someone's house.

Like usual, I have only good things to say about Elder Campbell.  He and I are becoming more like brothers than just good friends.  We both feel good about the decisions we make.  We do our best to be obedient.  We ponder the spirit and the letter of the law and we make the choice that will require more of us.  Elder Campbell loves to study.  He has recently found a love for the Topical Guide (a complete reference to all the scriptures).  I encourage his studies.  He wants to go through a "clean" Book of Mormon and highlight all the scriptures that mention/instruct on Christlike attributes.  We can't complain.

I am coming to accept that not everyone can or will like me. :) Duh, right?  Before the mission, I thought that I didn't do a single thing that people wouldn't like about me.  I thought it possible to be liked and respected by everyone.  As doors are closed, greetings are ignored, and efforts are unappreciated, I have come to find that not everyone likes me.  I know that is a silly and childish thing to say.  Nevertheless, the rejection doesn't stop me from doing the good things that I do, nor do I put forth less effort because it will be "wasted" (because it isn't).  The mission has helped me find myself, or rather it has helped me be more comfortable with doing things that I like to do, and joke in my own kind of humor.  I care less about being judged by others, and because of that, I am less judgmental of others.  Elder Campbell is a great example of this principle.  I have learned this from him.

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