Thursday, January 22, 2015

Cooking Skills are a Must on a Mission!

The weather there sounds pretty miserable (we had some pretty cold temperatures last week and some wind).  I was complaining that a couple of days ago it was 80-something degrees.  How spoiled!  I don't have much to complain about except people not answering their doors even when they know that we know they are home, and when people blatantly ignore us.  How rude!  I think we are a bit intimidating.

Boy do we stand out.  Two white boys men (haha) in white shirts and a tie, walking briskly down a poor hispanic (they call themselves brown) street with name tags and black bags.  We can only really speak to/understand half of the people we meet and 1/2 of them don't want to talk.  I can sympathize.  I'm not sure how I would react if I were in their shoes.   I would likely do what most of them do; that is: stare.  It's all good.   No problemo.  Estoy bien.

On P-days (Preparation Day) we do what we did in Paso.  Only we usually see other elders and sisters from the Zone at Walmart and the Family History Center.  We tried to go on a hike this past P-day, but couldn't find the place.  Beautiful drive though:)

The cupboards were pretty bare this past week, but Elder Campbell and I stocked up today.  We spent over $100 at Walmart in food together.  Transfers are coming up soon (January 27th), so I don't want to leave too much food behind if I get transferred.  We also forgot to bring the food calendar to church last week, so Elder Campbell and I showed off our cooking skills.  You would be proud of us.  We've made noodles, noodles w/ Alfredo, noodles w/ spaghetti sauce, noodles w/pesto . . . Just kidding!  Haha. (We eat a lot of pasta in our house) No, but we have made peach and apple cobblers, scrabbled eggs, fried veggies (like Blaine's beans), rice w/sauce, and more.  Elder Campbell can make food disappear.  One day we have a full box of cereal, or raspberries, or bottle of soda, or bag of chips and the next day they are gone!  I tease him about it, but it doesn't bother me too much :)

One last thing: the other day (the hot day) I was riding in the back seat of the car with the window rolled down and my arm out the window.  We were at an intersection in the left turn lane.  A man driving an old truck about two lanes to the right of us sneezed while driving.  Out of habit, I said, "Bless you."  He looked up and over at me and said "thanks".  I just cracked up!  I had not meant for him to hear me, but he did, and two lanes over!  And replied back!  It was so funny.  You had to be there:)

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