Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Lord's Humor and Thanksgiving With President Felix

This week I tried to be bold and open my mouth so that God could fill it.  I surprised myself, or God surprised me with how he can work through me.

We did two power hours (where we pray with members, proselyte for an hour, and then return and report miracles).  They were something that Elder Walker brought back from MLC and we called them "power hours!"  The members LOVED them and wanted to do it again sometime.  Our numbers skyrocketed during that hour with the specific prayers and faith exercised in our behalf!  Our first door we got a new investigator.  We taught several lessons, gave out a dozen "Joy to the World" (a church video about the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ) cards, and most of all, strengthened everyone (including ourselves and the members).  We also gave a church tour this week.  The person we really wanted to come (and who needed it the most) didn't come because she forgot about it (even though we spoke with her the day before).  But, we plan on trying again this week with her.

Elder Walker is great.  He is super good at being bold and unafraid to speak.  We are getting along just fine.  He has good insight to missionary work and doctrines.  We are doing well.

My testimony of prayer was strengthened.  More specifically for asking for opportunities/experiences for growth.  I'll explain.  I had been feeling like I was not improving.  I knew I needed to be strengthened and I knew that God could do it.  (He has a sense of humor, let me tell you).  Yesterday, I prayed that I would be given an experience that would be tough and stretch me, but that I would come out of it a stronger and more consecrated missionary.  Well, that morning we went with the Ward Mission Leader to pick up one of our investigators.  When we arrived, she was not dressed because she couldn't find her skirt.  Eventually she found it and came to church.  Right before sacrament meeting, she took a handful (not joking) of pills.  She said they were for her seizures and other health problems.  During the meeting she had to use the restroom; put lotion on her hands, arms, and legs; talk to me about what people were wearing; ask for a mint, which I gave her; get a drink; and complain about how fast the speakers were talking.  She humiliated us.  I'm not upset with her.  Just sad that we thought she was progressing and she wasn't.  We will have to change her baptism date:(

Early Thanksgiving Feast in San Luis Obispo

Missionaries in San Louis Obisbo area

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