Monday, December 1, 2014

Power Hour!

Wow! We are already almost through the transfer.   We get calls on the 13th of December. Transfers happen about every 6 weeks.  Not every missionary gets transferred that often, but every missionary wonders whether or not he/she will get that transfer phone call.  I'm ready to start singing Christmas songs,  but my companion refuses until after Thanksgiving.  Some people already have lights put up!  This time of year isn't quite the same without the snow, but I am okay without all the bad weather you have been getting.

So, I have to tell you about the "power hour" thing.  They are so cool!  We first did one Saturday with an active family in our ward.  They have two sons on missions right now.  We explained the "procedure" and said a prayer with the father who couldn't gather all the kids at the moment, but said he would explain it to them (they have 9? kids).  After leaving their home, we said a prayer of our own for miracles that we could report so that the members could see their prayers answered and so that their faith could grow.  The first door we knocked answered and we talked to a girl (15-17 years old) about what she believed.  She said she believed in God, but that was all.  I asked her what she knew about God, if she knew she was a daughter of God.  She didn't know anything.  Her name was Cassie and we have a return appointment for Saturday at 11am!  New investigator!  All but three doors on the family's street answered.  We gave out a bunch of Joy to the World cards.  Joy to the World is a video from our church about the Savior's birth.  It is really good.  Let me know if you want one.  There was one door that told us not to come back (no, the people who answered the door -haha) and never set foot on their property again!  We needed some bitter to appreciate the sweet!  We came back and reported to the family.  They loved it!

After lunch we did the "power hour" again with another family.  They have 7? kids - all boys and one 2 yr old daughter.  (No, not all of the families in the ward are like that.  We just chose the two biggest to do "power hour" with.)  Similar results came from this second "power hour".  This family said they wanted to do it again.

Last Sunday Elder Walker and I were asked to teach the 13-14 year old class durning Sunday School about setting goals and planning because we do it every day.  So we did and had a good discussion with them.

Whew!  This week really has been fantastic!  We taught 17 "other" lessons!  (Our usual "other" lessons is close to 8!  "Other" lessons are lessons that are not with a member present or with a less-active member.  This type of lesson basically means that we said a prayer with those people.  They can be on the doorstep, on the street, any where and can be 10 minutes or less.)

I love you.  Remember, all you can do is all you can do.  Do your best and God will do the rest!

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