Thursday, December 18, 2014

Happy19th Birthday, Elder Ruby

Hyrum's 19th birthday was December 7.  Our family went to my mom's that day for a little visit.  We sang "Happy Birthday" to Hyrum in her living room.  I'm pretty sure he didn't hear us, but we wanted to celebrate anyway.

Thanksgiving was good.  We ate a late lunch with a recent convert, single sister outside her home on the porch.  She talked our ears off, but she is pretty lonely and our visit meant a lot to her.  She fed us some Spanish rice, chicken, stuffing and a marshmallow/sour cream/pineapple/whipped cream salad.

Then we walked to our next appointment, which was dinner at the Tongan family's home.  They are the grandparents of the little boy who roasted the pig for his birthday.   We weren't sure what to expect for them to feed us because they are Tongan, but they fed us a traditional turkey feast.  The stuffing was a bit more sweet than usual, and they also had some sweet potatoes (not yams) and pumpkin pie after.  I'm not a fan of pumpkin pie, but I ate it anyway:)  They are a less-active family and asked if they could take the missionary lessons again.  We are happy to do that:)

Thank you for the package!  I loved it.  I am always amazed with how God works.  I had been wanting cranberries and had been running out of food in my cupboards.  I didn't ask for a package or anything.  God new my desires and prompted you to send the package.  I already made those pudding pies.  Yum!  Thank you for that idea.  I sent Hyrum a" Thanksgiving Feast package".  I don't remember exactly what I put in it, but there was instant mashed potatoes, gravy package, mini graham cracker pie crusts, chocolate pudding, can of cranberry jelly, and homemade jerky.  Lily made Hyrum and "Elder Ruby out of a toilet paper roll, felt, and a bouncy ball and sent it to him also.

Hyrum loved it!

The day after Thanksgiving half the town had their Christmas lights up! Yep.  Christmas is a big deal out here too.  No snow, but still Christmas cheer.  One family started decorating shortly after Halloween!

Elder Walker is AWESOME.  He always has something new he wants to share with me/teach me.  He strives to serve the Lord through his obedience.  He is very good at complimenting others and having good things to say.  He and I balance each other out very well.  When I am feeling a bit impatient with someone or a situation, he is usually very patient, and vice versa.

One way I am trying to become a better missionary is by reading a column in the Book of Mormon for every time I make a sarcastic comment or pick my fingernails.  Boy has this helped!  The first ay I counted 20 "mess-ups"!  Yes there went 20 columns.  The next day I cut it down to 9.  Now I am at 3! Amazing.  The Book of Mormon has more converting/consecrating power than I thought.

I love you guys.  Keep shining the light and coming unto Christ.

Service is so fun!  Take a close look.  He is caught in mid-air!

Hyrum has a necklace of candy made for all the missionaries that had a birthday from September - December from President and Sister Felix

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