Sunday, September 21, 2014

MTC First Day!

The MTC is great!  For the first hour or so, I was sent all over getting this and that (name tags, room key, identification card and schedule).  I was taken to the classroom and I met my MTC companion: Elder Justin Dorius.  He is 6'6"and looks a lot like me.  He took a lot of AP classes in high school.  He likes to eat (like me), does photoshop stuff (like me), can sing pretty good, but (like me) hasn't taken choir classes.  We get along pretty good.

We went to a devotional where all the MTC Presidency and their wives spoke to us.  They had great things to say.  We went back to the classroom and learned the "do's and don'ts" of the MTC.  We ate dinner cafeteria style: chicken fried steak.  It was okay.  Elder Dorius and I talked the whole time.  We ended the night with an investigator.  We were in a group of maybe 50 new elders and sisters and all taught/learned stories from the investigators and asked them questions.  It was a good experience.

I'm doing great.  God has been training me for this for my entire life.

Love, Elder Ruby

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