Saturday, September 27, 2014

Mission Arrival

Hyrum's mission has a blog  Many pictures of the missionaries' arrival were posted.  Here are the pictures of Elder Ruby.

 Elder Ruby arrived at the airport at 11:55am with 9 other missionaries.

 Elder Ruby with travel companions and his missionary tag :)  The tall one is Elder Dorius - his companion in the MTC.

 Elder and Sister McIntosh had picked up lunch for the new arrivals.  They were waiting at the picnic area for them.  Looks like the ocean in the background and a beautiful day!

Let's play a game: Where's Elder Ruby??

The Mission President, President Felix, gave them an experience to remember.  He talked to them about commitment and having "both feet in".

Each missionary commits by jumping off the step, having "both feet in".

Hyrum never goes anywhere without his bag :)

Look how beautiful it is there!!  What a great day!

Before going to the mission home for dinner, they met Sister Training Leaders and Zone Leaders (other missionaries who have been in the field longer) at the Ventura Stake Center.  Half of the missionaries stayed there to receive more instruction and the other half went proselyting (finding people who want to hear the message of the restored gospel).  Then after and hour, they switched.
They went to the mission home where the Assistants (again, other missionaries) went through the Orientation booklet.  Elder Ruby is watching President Felix give opening remarks.

The missionaries were so tired.  Elder Ruby got up at 2:45am Monday morning to pack and get to the airport.  The sister missionaries stayed that night at the mission home and the elders stayed with other church members in the area.

The next day they met at the Ventura Stake Center for more orientation and a transfer meeting.  This is when the missionaries got to meet their trainers, Zone and Sister Training Leaders were announced and they got to hear from President Felix and the departing missionaries.  Sister Felix said there was a wonderful spirit at that meeting.  (Trainers are more experienced missionaries who are good leaders, keep the mission rules and "train" the next group of missionaries, so they can be great missionaries too.)

I hope this catches all of you up on Elder Ruby's first day in the mission.  I was so curious to hear what he did his first day.  Now I know.  Thank you Sister Felix for posting these pictures on your blog.   I hope to hear from him soon.

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