Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Good Week

This week was pretty good.  We didn't notice as many miracles as we have in the past, but we still were busy.  On Thursday we had exchanges with the District Leader (Elder Harper) and his companion (Elder Gruwell).  I went into their area with Elder Gruwell and Elder Harper came into our area with Elder Campbell.  That was interesting.  I am not used to teaching/tracting with anyone but Elder Campbell.  We have a pretty good system.  Being put with Elder Gruwell made me have to be a bit more "pushy" because he isn't as bold and fearless as I am used to.

We (Elder Gruwell and I) gave a church tour to an exptrememly less-active lady named, Barb and her daughter, Diamond.  That went really well.  When we entered the chapel, it was so silent and peaceful. I sure felt the spirit.  We sang "Do What is Right" to her there in the chapel.  Barb is returning to activity and she has been through a lot.  She calls the missionaries "her boys".  The rest of the day with Elder Gruwell was a bit uneventful.  Perhaps the biggest thing I learned was how much I really like working with Elder Campbell.

On Friday, Haven's 17th birthday, we had a Zone Conference.  All the missionaries from Paso, Atascadero, San Louis Obispo, Morro Bay, Santa Maria, Arroyo Grande, and Pismo Beach came.  There were probably 40 of us.  Sister Felix taught us some etiquette, we received a new Christlike attribute to focus on: Faith Ether 12:18.  President Felix chose an elder and a sister to speak on The Living Christ, then he had us listen to a poem written by Bruce R. McConkie's son, who happens to be a really good friend of the Felix's!  It was about believing in Christ because he believes in you.  Then we watched some of Boyd K Packer's General Conference talk about receiving a witness of Christ.  I couldn't find that specific talk, but here is one about finding the true church on the earth.   We saw a few other powerful testimonies of Apostles and prophets.  We ended with the last few minutes of Bruce R. McConkie's talk "The Purifying Power of Gethsemane".  Wow!  The spirit in the room was so strong.  I was reminded of my commission to share God's love and to testify of Christ.

President Felix also taught us/reminded us about the importance of following up with the commitments that we extend.  Following up helps them (investigators) exercise faith in Jesus Christ and it demonstrates love.

We had a tie exchange at the end.  I didn't bring any ties to exchange, but I ended up with two extras.  See photos on previous blog page.  I got a tie from someone, then I traded it and then another Elder gave me a tie to trade and I got another tie that way.

Also, we sang "Happy Birthday" to all the missionaries who were going to have their birthdays before June.  I sang to Haven instead :)

President and Sister Felix came to our Stake Conference.  We have a great Stake President, President Hulstine.  They spoke very well and made sure that the members knew our purpose as missionaries.

Elder Campbell and I are doing fantastic.  Ryan is going to be baptized on Sunday! (March 1 - details will follow in another post) A priest in the ward is going to baptize him.  A priest is a boy ages 16-18.  This boy has become good friends with Ryan.  We are pretty excited for him.  He is moving to Louisiana in a couple of months.  It will be great for him to have some "instant family" when he gets there.

We are struggling a bit with those kids.  Last Sunday, Stake Conference, they left to go the bathroom and to look for paper to draw on and to go play on the stage!  We were not happy with them.  They have become a bit attached to us because we do our best to discipline our lessons, but they have felt like we are parnets to them.   There is not much parental supervision/love/discipline in that home.  We have them reading a chapter in the Book of Mormon before we will meet with them, and we will be asking questions and staying on task.

Life and weather is good. Sorry about all the bad weather you are getting.

Ed and Sarah have not been to church in a month.  Not Good!  Sarah is back to smoking.  We are pretty sure Ed started back on chewing tobacco.  Things are not going real well for them.  Hmm. . . I wonder why? (That's sarcastic and I shouldn't be, but I am just a bit upset)  If they would just obey God's commandments, they would be happy (Mosiah 2:41).

We have several people who are really solid potential investigators.  There is even a man who believes in the Restored Gospel of the Primative Church of Christ.  He was trying to convert us.  They sound very much like us.  Their church began in Mexico by a man who was "called of God" by the stars and given a new name.  Just wait until he reads the Book of Mormon :)

The work is progressing.
I may sound depressing,
but I feel the blessings
not the distressings

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