Monday, March 9, 2015

Ryan's Baptism

The baptism this past Saturday (February 28) was amazing!  I didn't expect to feel the way I did.  maybe I just didn't know what to expect.  It all started at 12pm that afternoon.  We planned on meeting Ryan and Nick (the priest who Ryan chose to baptize him) at the church early so that we could practice and so we could get them fitted for jumpsuits.  Nick showed up at 12:20 and we taught him all the hand positions and the words.  Stephanie, Ryan's mom, called and asked if Ryan was at the church yet.  (Ryan had stayed that night at an 18 year-old girl's birthday party).  We were afraid that something bad would happen that evening.  So when his mom couldn't get a hold of him and we couldn't, I began to be nervous.  We called his mom again and had her check his dad's place.  No word from her . . . So I took Elder Campbell to another room and we were going to pray for God's help when Stephanie gives us a call saying that she's got him and they will be at the church in 15 minutes.  Ryan arrived at 12:52.  8 minutes before the baptism was scheduled to start!
Elder Ruby, Ryan, Elder Campbell

We rushed him to the bathroom, threw him his jumpsuit, and had him and Nick practice.   We began the baptism 15 minutes late, but it really wasn't a big deal because the family who we were sharing the baptism with wasn't ready much sooner than we were with Ryan.  The boy being baptized was named Aiden.  His grandfather gave a great talk on baptism and the Holy Ghost.  Ryan was baptized first.  Nick almost hit Ryan's head and about couldn't pick him back up, but he said all the words right. :)

After Ryan was baptized, I played that experience over in my head.  As I did, I couldn't help but cry a little.  I felt warm, but I had goosebumps all down my neck and back.  I desired to baptize more people.  The feeling was a bit new to me.  I have felt the spirit before, but not in the same way.  I concluded that what I was feeling was God's praise, much like when God was well-pleased with Christ when He was baptized.

At the moment, I am up past my bedtime, but I needed to get this letter done.  Today has been crazy: we did service 2 times this morning (even though we don't usually do service on Monday's), emails, cleaning, fixing my flat tire :(, Zone activity, and 3 hours of an amazing evening of knocking on doors. We now have 3 new investigators!  Just from tonight!

I love you all and wish I could write more, but it's 11:08 :(  Bad Elder Ruby!  Keep up the good work.  I'm glad to hear that so many people like the blog.

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