Thursday, March 26, 2015

Back in Santa Maria. . .

I need to go back in time a little.  I got a letter from Elder Ruby that was part while he was still in Santa Maria and part when he got transferred.

This week has been a roller coaster.  We found some pretty solid potential investigators, but they didn't seem to be reaching their full potential.  I was driving the other day and felt the need to stop and walk around.  We stopped and just followed the spirit. One man had his garage door open and he was just "chillin".  We said hello and asked him about religion.  He didn't speak much English, but we testified and he came right up to us.  He brought his son out to translate.  We got his name and other contact info so that we could send the Spanish Hermanas over there.  Then we ran into a lady named Melissa.  She was so excited when we told her about the Book of Mormon.  She is trying to change her life around, and the gospel is just the thing to do it.

It's been disappointing this week with asking members to come with us.  We would set appointments with investigators, call a member to go with us, and that appointment would fall through :(  That doesn't help increase our members' trust in us nor their enthusiasm for missionary work, but what can we do? Work harder.  Pray more sincerely.  Love stronger.  Trust God more often.  Live in the present.

Right now I am on my way down to Ventura for transfer meeting.  We are riding with Sister Espinosa. She is so awesome.  No one in the ward could take us even though we gave notice on Saturday.  Elder Harper and Elder Gruwell (the other missionaries who split the ward with us) ran into her yesterday and she volunteered to take us today.  This is quite a sacrifice because we had to leave at 6:30am this morning and we probably won't get back home until 3:30pm this afternoon; 9 hours; a tank of gas; and usually buying lunch for four missionaries.  I have faith that Elder Kim is who God wants me to be with for at least the next 6 weeks.  I expect to learn a lot from Elder Kim.  We know that they were only together for 6 days.

Fast forward a week:
This last week has been crazy!  Elder Kim is great.  He may be one of the most humble missionaries out there.  He and I were only companions for six short days.  He has a really good testimony even though he hasn't read the Book of Mormon cover to cover.  Elder Kim reminded me of Jeremy Shiver.  I taught him how to make scrambled eggs, taught him what a "pun" is and how to tie his shoes (my way).  He taught me how to say "thank you" in Korean (he is fluent, of course), he taught me a little patience, and he helped me look at life in a new perspective.

Elder Martineau (from Sheridan, WY) is in the same district as I am, here in Camarillo.  He is still waiting on his Visa to Brazil.  Some missionaries don't get their Visa's by the time they are ready to leave the Missionary Training Center, so they go to another area of the United States to serve as missionaries until they obtain their Visa.  Also, Elder Harper is now a Zone Leader down here (he was my past District Leader in Santa Maria), and Elder Newmyer, from my Paso District is our District Leader here in Camarillo.  So, it's just a big mission family reunion :)

I love you all.  Obey the whisperings of the Holy Ghost.  Follow the Savior's example.  Be patient with yourself as you work to improve.  I would love to hear how people's testimonies have grown lately.
Aunt Lynsey made Elder Ruby this super cool apron with tie and name tag!

Family in Santa Maria

Another family in Santa Maria

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