Monday, August 17, 2015

Setting Goals and Mark's baptism

Life in SLO (San Louis Obispo) is beautiful.  I would like to have a stormy or cold or windy day every once in a while:)

Now that I have been out on the mission for almost a year, my thoughts have turned more toward a reflection.  I am evaluating my progress as a person and as a missionary since last September.  My testimony of my calling grows daily as I realize what little time I have to magnify it.

I have finally discovered/understood the principles of goal setting and planning.  These princples apply to all aspects of life.  We have a desire, we set a goal, we plan specifically how we will achieve that goal, and then we do all we can to follow through and follow-up with those plans.  This week we desired to teach all of our investigators two lessons each this week, we wanted to have daily contact with Mark, who got baptized on August 8, and we wanted to set up/teach at least one lesson to the referrals that the sisters gave us.  This turned out to be 14 lessons.  We wanted a member at every lesson.  That is quite a few lessons for us in one week.  Then we went to our daily plans, set up times and called people.  We were able to fit all 14 lessons in despite being gone one day for Missionary Leadership Council.  I know it sounds a bit nerdy and obvious, but all it takes is some time, a desire, a plan, and staying faithful to the plans.

Mark is the tallest one.
Mark's baptism went well.  His mom came, which was an answer to his prayers and our prayers.  While he was getting dressed, we handed out note cards to everyone for them to write something meaningful to Mark.  Then we collected them and now Mark has them.  The talks were good.   Richard, Mark's friend, compared getting baptized to washing off after playing in the mud before entering your home/Heavenly home.

I wanted to share something I learned in my studies.  I noticed that Alma chapter 7 gives 6 reasons for Christ's Atonement:
  1. That the word might be fulfilled
  2. That He may loose the bands of death
  3. That His bowels may be filled with mercy
  4. That He may know how to succor His people
  5. That He may take upon Him the sins of His people
  6. That He might blot out our transgressions
 I hope you enjoy reading Alma chapter 7!  Transfer calls are this Saturday.  Wow how the weeks fly!

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