Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Bad Smell!

I can't believe the fair is already here!  One year ago I was washing and blowing the steers and preparing for that crazy, busy week.  Don't worry, we will all be having crazy, busy weeks.

I have to tell you a story.  So, for the last month or so I have smelled something kind of bad in the kitchen.  But I haven't been able to put my finger, or rather my nose, on it.  We thought it could be the top of the microwave.  Well, the other night the smell was the worst it had ever been.  Oh, it was Sunday because I had my black suit on.  I was in the kitchen smelling around when Elder King suggested that it may be the sack of potatoes on the counter.  I thought this idea was silly because potatoes never smell like that in Wyoming.  I quickly picked up the sack of potatoes and a brown liquid splashed onto my suit jacket, my shoes, and the floor.  Then came the most disgusting smell!  We did some cleaning and put on the fans, opened the windows and held our breath.

Elder Ruby sent us a short letter this week.  He is doing really well and will hopefully have more to share in his next letter.  From this letter, you can see that he is having all kinds of life experiences:)

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