Monday, February 16, 2015

"Come, Follow Me" Poem

I wrote a poem about how we should expect life to be hard and that choosing good is not easy.  It is always worth it though.

"Come, follow me," He says; and follow Him I try
but when the world laughs and scorns,
we often ask Him, why?

"Take my yoke upon you"
Christ pleads for us to do, 
but when we fear that some will judge,
we judge others too.

"For my yoke is easy 
and my burden is light."
But something that I've found is true:
it's hard to choose the right.

We expect the path
to be without the pain, 
but since salvation isn't cheap
we follow Christ the same.

He walked the path of pain
and suffered temptations.
He was the most obedient of all God's creations.

He was a "man of sorrows
and acquainted with grief".
A man "despised and rejected of men"
a man we must believe.

Salvation isn't easy.
It wasn't easy for He.
But we must walk how Jesus walked.
It won't be easy for me.

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